General Studies-IV

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude

  • Ethics and Human Interface: Essence, Determinants and Consequences of Ethics in – Human Actions; Dimensions of Ethics; Ethics – in Private and Public Relationships. Human Values – Lessons from the Lives and Teachings of Great Leaders, Reformers and Administrators; Role of Family Society and Educational Institutions in Inculcating Values.
Ethics and Human Interface
Nature and Scope of Ethics

·         Ethics is a Science

·         Ethics is a Normative Science

·         Ethics is a different from morality

·         Ethics is a science of Value

Branches of Ethics

·         Descriptive Ethics

·         Normative Ethics

·         Virtue Ethics

·         Deontological Ethics

·         Teleology

·         Meta and Applied Ethics

Human Actions – Ethical Foundation

·         Comparison of Deontological and Technological Approach

·         Acts Humans and Acts Hominids

·         Involvement Knowledge

·         Presence of Volunternaism

·         Free will

Approaches of Ethical Decision Making

·         Unitarian Approach

·         Rights Approach

·         Justice Approach

·         Common Good Approach

·         Virtue Approach

Meaning and Elements of Ethical Consequences

Tests to Determine Ethical Decisions

·         Smell Test

·         Utility Test

·         Rights Test

·         Choice Tests

·         Justice Tests

·         Common Good Test

·         Virtue Test

Determinants of Ethical Behavior

·         Legal Interpretations

·         Culture and Country

·         Individual Factors

·         Stage of Moral Development

·         Personal Values and Morals

·         Family Influences

·         Peer Influences

·         Life Experience

Ethics in private and Public Relationship

·         Private Relationship

·         Public Relationship

·         Difference between both

·         Conflict of Role

·         Ethical Claims

·         Confects of Interest

Great Britain seven Principals of Public life


Human Values
Human Value and Value Theory

·         Why Value are needed

·         What are Intrinsic and Extrinsic Value s

·         What are basic human value s

·         How they are different from Norms

·         How values are different from Values

·         How values, morals and Ethics are index value

Values Vs Traits

·         Assertiveness

·         Locus of Control

·         Future Orientations

·         Self Esteem

·         Gender Egalitarian

·         Human Orientation

·         Collectivism

·         Risk Tasking

Role of Education and Educational Institutions

·         Importance of Value Education

·         Objectives of Value Education

·         Value Educational and India

·         Ways to make Value Educating

·         Inoculations of Values

·         Teaching Accountability

·         Playing role model

·         Appreciation

·         For children

·         Value Education

Role of Families and Society

·         Importance

Role of Indian Culture in Human Values

·         Influence of Indian Culture on Value s

·         Vedas

·         Gita

·         Manuscript

·         Ramayana

·         Kama sutra

·         Jataka Tales

·         Dhammapadda

Value and their general Making

  • Attitude: Content, Structure, Function; its Influence and Relation with Thought and Behavior; Moral and Political Attitudes; Social Influence and Persuasion.
Basic Theory of Attitude

·         Definition

·         Structure

·         Altitude and Beliefs

·         Implicit and Explicit

·         Functions and Formation

·         Sources of Attitude formation

·         Which source is stronger

·         Process of Attitude changes

·         Elorabrationa and Examples

Moral attitude

·         Moral attitude

·         Moral attitude are strong attitude

Political attitude

·         Politics and morality

·         Morality as a modern political authority

·         Religion

·         Age

·         Economics status

·         Family / gender

·         Education

·         Media / social media

·         Summary

Influence and Relations of Attitude

·         Overt

·         Covert

·         When attitude making difference ‘

·         Making attitude potent

Social influence and persuasion

·         Cognition

·         Attitude

·         Behavior

·         Means of persuasion

·         Source of creditability

·         Rational and emotional approach

·         Methods of persuasion

·         Reciprocity

·         Social proof

·         liking

Social influence and persuasion

·         Authority

·         Scarcity

·         Social influence

·         Compliance

·         Identification

·         Factors affecting social

·         Charisma

·         Peer pressure

·         Emotions

·         Social trends

  • Aptitude and Foundational Values for Civil Service, Integrity, Impartiality and Non-partisanship, Objectivity, Dedication to Public Service, Empathy, Tolerance and Compassion towards the weaker-sections.
Aptitude and Foundational Value
Defining Aptitude

·         Intellectual Aptitude

·         Difference between Aptitude and attitude

Foundational Values for Civil Service

·         International Code of Conduct for public officials

·         Indian Scenario – Foundational Values

·         Value of Public Services

·         Public Service Code

Key Foundational Value of Civil Service

·         Integrity

·         Impartiality and non

·         Empathy

·         Objectify

·         Other values

  • Emotional Intelligence-Concepts, and their Utilities and Application in Administration and Governance.
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence

·         EI as Ability

·         EI as Set of Commences

·         EI as Trait

·         Developing Definition

·         Personal

·         Social and Skills

Importance of  EI

·         EI and Bureactic Leader

  • Contributions of Moral Thinkers and Philosophers from India and World.
Moral Thinkers and Philosophers
·         Socrates

·         Plato

·         Aristotle

·         Thomas

·         Ayn Rand

·         Kohlberg

·         Kant

·         Carol

·         Other Western thinkers

Hobbes, Cud worth, Adma Smith, Butler, and Paley

·         Contribution of Moral thinkers

·         Jain ethics

·         M Gandhi

·         Swami Vivekananda

·         Dr B R Ambedhkar

·         Kautilya

  • Public/Civil Service Values and Ethics in Public Administration: Status and Problems; Ethical Concerns and Dilemmas in Government and Private Institutions; Laws, Rules, Regulations and Conscience as Sources of Ethical Guidance; Accountability and Ethical Governance; Strengthening of Ethical and Moral Values in Governance; Ethical Issues in International Relations and Funding; Corporate Governance.
Public Service Values, Ethics in Public Administration
Public / Civil Service and ethics in Public Administration

·         Global Values

·         Ethical Behavior

·         Public Servants

Ethical Concern and Dilemmas

·         Types

·         Legality

·         Integrity

·         Responsiveness


·         Accountability and Good Governance

·         Features of Accountability

·         Importance of it

·         Facets of

·         Accounbility of Civil Servants

Concept of Corporate Governance

·         Concept of it

·         Corporate Governance

·         Factors

·         OECD principals

·         Corporate Governance and Ethics

·         Need for Ethics Code

·         Organized Challenges

Narayana Murthy Committee

·         Strengthen

·         Quality of Financial Discourse

·         Other Recommendations

·         Whistle Blower Policy

·         Implementation Issues

Respobility and Accounbility

·         Civil Servants 4Respobiloity

·         Principals of Managing

Corruption in private bodies

Laws, Rules, Regulations of Ethical Guidance

·         Typology of law

·         The etnal law

·         The natural law

·         The divine law

·         Conscience

·         Ethical principals


Kumar Mangalam Birla Committee

·         Mandatory

·         Non Mandatory

Good Governance

·         Defining Good Governance

·         Origin and Emergence

·         Good About Governance

·         Basic Features

·         Rule of Law

·         Equality and Equity

  • Probity in Governance: Concept of Public Service; Philosophical Basis of Governance and Probity; Information Sharing and Transparency in Government, Right to Information, Codes of Ethics, Codes of Conduct, Citizen’s Charters, Work Culture, Quality of Service Delivery, Utilization of Public Funds, Challenges of Corruption.
Hindrances of Good Governance of India

·         Corruption

·         Inefficiency

·         Nepotism

·         Improper use of resources

·         Poor Planning Strategy

·         Measures for Good Governance

Code of Ethics for Civil Services

·         Personal and Families Value s

·         Office and Related Behavior

·         Use of Discretionary Powers

·         Property Acquisition

·         Conflict of interest


·         Good Governance and Probity

·         Access to information

·         Ethical and Integrity

·         Targeting

·         Specific Issues

Sevottam Framework

·         What is?

·         Objectives

·         Steps invoked

·         IS 2005

·         Elements

Case Studies on above issues.