Why We:

We don’t just coach. We get you out of your couch! And put you on the road to success…

We at the UNIVERSITY OF CIVILS believe every student is unique and has the potential to succeed. Therefore, we make every effort to help them realize their uniqueness, tap into their latent potential, unlock their creativity, develop critical thinking, gain confidence, and deliver.

Led by its founder Bonthula Anil Kumar, the Academy strives to equip learners with both the intellectual capacity and the personal qualities needed to sail through. The carefully chosen study material provided to learners saves their time and keeps them focused. Liberal hours of personal attention ensure that learners do not lag behind and stay on track. Forward to success!

Our Vision

Our vision to endeavour and produce patronized citizens to serve our mother nation with dedication, delegation and determination to fulfil and achieve our nations' dream and periodic goal whole hearten for present and future life of our country to be pleasant and sustainable respectively.

Our Mission

Our Mission to identify, mallet, carve and produce perfect aspirants to display in front of our society, as a landscaped ignite to our nation, and as a portrait luminous to the world with sharpened knowledge by using rasps and rifflers as education techniques for the betterment of our mother land and universe.