We teach Current Affairs in Different Prospective way:

  • Important for preparation for civil service examination in all 3 stages of the exam
  • We treated current affairs as a separate subject and the relevance is more than 60% in the syllabus given by UPSC.
  • UC IAS Academy prepares it a very different method from different sources and simple lines to make understand to the student without a teacher
  • We teach the current from scratch to master

UOC Monthly Current Affairs Magazine:

  1. We don’t daily upload the current affairs.
  2. What we do is. We break them into simple parts either in the format of Questions, Snippets, Slides, Infogrpahics and in different version.
  3. Just come and read in our website because we believe reading the same lines doesn’t help you at all. So, we prepare in customized manner in Questions, One liners, 3 or 4 lines with plus mode, UPSC questions mode, True or False Statements and many more….
  4. We dig from the Hindu News Papers, Indian Express, Mint and others.
  5. We deal with Kurksthrea, Yojna, nic.in, and others
  6. We make Questions Papers from these in our portal to make your prepare for exams.
  7. Our portal is regularly uploaded with editorial summary analysis, important magazine summaries, Answer writing practice, Prelim Test Series, Main Exam Test Series etc.
  8. We do examine the previous year question paper and running exams papers and taking an account of all Issue. We prepare Questions Papers. This may be a possible reason to that from out Past Prelim Material – 21 Straight Questions directly into the UPSC prelims paper of 2019.
  9. We segregated Subject wise and Topic wise of current affairs of old and post.

What else?

  1. We make available of Free Booklet of Q and A in nice format like UPSC
  2. Download that and write answers and sent to our mail id – universityofcivils@gmail.com
  3. We do correct and we do anyalise and tell you where to correct at a cost of you admit or else free.
  4. Apart from General Studies, helps prepare for Essay as well learning the art of answer writing countering the surprise element that the UPSC exams throw every year Being prepared for most current affairs questions organizing and presentation a good answer helps in timely completion of the exam.
  5. The UC IAS Magazine is a teacher in itself helping a candidate to realise his/her dream of clearing the civil services exam and other related exams to the civil services.