• One of the paper of UPSC Mains Exam
  • Have to write 2 essay each with a word count 1000 – 1200
  • One topic can be selected from the choices
  • Essay paper count for 250 marks
  • And each easy of 125 marks
  • Simplest way to write essay is as follows

It is recommended that you follow certain steps while writing the essay paper.

How to write the essay for UPSC?

  1. Read the topics thoroughly
  • Most important step in the process
  • Choose one topic
  • While selecting the topic – make sure you have good knowledge over the topic
  • Don’t select a topic which is grafted one
  • Select a topic of which you are passioanatr or feel strongly about it.
  • You may tend to get excicted and fail to write a balanced essay
  1. Think for some time
  • One you have selected the topic
  • Don’t write in a staright manner
  • Start with current affairs
  • Collect some time to think and collect your thoughts and ideas
  • Write everything on a rough sheet – you want to make it
  • Make it correct sequence
  • The balanced way of writing is essential always
  • On a rough state, follow these steps can help something in making the essay
    1. Introduction
    2. Always start with Current Affairs Matter (invilagtor think U have better understanding of knowledge)
    3. Historical facts
    4. Take one of the Current Issue and Elaborate it like Main issue / Problem and Subject
    5. Problems related to it
    6. Positive and negative aspects
    7. Reforms and conclusion
    8. Way forward
  • Add these points for more understanding of the essay
  1. Relevant quotes by saying some personalities
  2. Government scheme and polices
  3. Any figures and numbers from budget and economic survey
  • Don’t write these things
  1. Don’t give you name
  2. Don’t get into personal argument in writings
  3. Don’t write extreme views
  4. Follow the middle path like Buddha (Madhyamika)
  5. Don’t criticize the Government / Administration / Laws / Supreme court Judgment
  6. Don’t write utopian solutions
  7. Keep in mind you are a future officer and not a journalist
  8. Have a balanced approach in the essay