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Whats Unique about this Test Series?

  • UPSC Mains Examination 2020 and 2021
  • Holistic Preparation for the Mains test
  • 12 Test (8 Sectional + 4 Full length)
Test Series Mains Focused Batch

ü 8 Sectional tests

ü 4 Full length Tests

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Mentoring Individual attention with experienced mentors for 8 sectional Mains Tests
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24 Books

12 Current Affairs


How the evolution of Answer Sheet is is done?

Our team with so much diversified and experienced evaluators and reviewers, who ensure that the answer sheets are evaluated through the “competency Prism”. There are several Parameters to be followed for the evaluation of any answer sheet.

Evaluation process focuses answers on three dimensions –

  • How he has written the Concepts
  • How the Structure is made
  • Language and grammatical mistakes

Focus on providing Answer sheet specific workable comments to aspirants so that they know specifically what fetched those marks and what didn’t work for them. We have a 3 three Tiered structure for evaluation of answer Sheets which provide multiple level of assessment and cross checking to provide depth to the evaluation quality. We are committed to provide evaluated answer sheets within 7-10 working Days from the date of examination