Mains for Civil Service Exam conducted by the UPSC allow the candidates to choose the optional subject. One should choose one Optional Subject out of 23 Optional.

There is No hard and fast rule that all candidates would find a specific optional subject either interesting or otherwise.  The same applies to other perspectives as well.

There is no optional subject that is easy for anyone unless and until you have read in your degree

Best Suggestion





Choose the subject

ü Which you are at best?

ü Which you read earlier in your degree. So, selection would be easy

ü Which has most successful ratio

ü Which has Langague touch would be more easy

ü Which subject material is easily available in the market?

ü Which faculty would be best at it

ü Which topper has chosen

ü Which most members got selected?

Solution Would be:-


Choose the subject which Covers Your Entire General Studies in it.

Let’s Take General Studies Syllabus is 100%  &

Optional Syllabus              is 100%


If you have chosen an optional which cover the entire General Studies Syllabus and vice versa. Then You can save your time and management as well.  Choose the right one and make your success rate better


Let’s Take an Example

Agriculture – how much do it cover the GS Syllabus – It covers GS 1 and 3 only.

Economics – how much do it cover the GS syllabus –   it covers GS 3only

Forestry –       how much do it cover the GS syllabus – It covers in GS 1

History –        how much do it cover the GS Syllabus   – it covers in GS 1

Chemical Engg – How much do it cover in GS syllabus – Nothing Cover – to make it more pure and Engg Subjects and Litt Subjects doesn’t cover GS syllabus

There are 3 types of optional

  1. Ever Green Optional
  • Taken by majority of people
  • May be faculty would be more or Books availability would be more
  • They would some conventional subjects which been preferably by most of the students and academics also to teach

Example:- History, Economics, Geography,… etc

  1. Success Rate Optional
  • These withstand for some time and because of boom and others areans
  • They run at good pace for some years after which they diminishes
  • Becoz of some successful asipirants or some successful institutions

Example :- Pub Ad, PSIR, Philopsphy, Pscyhology, and some Litt Subjects like Telugu, Pali, and Asseme

  1. GS and Optional Syllabus Cover Optional
  • Covers the GS syallbus and Optional Syallbus
  • Best for preparation in half time
  • Makes life and things easier for us
  • No need to do Ph.D in these things
  • It simple to get selected

Example:- Anthropology, Pub Ad, Sociology, PSIR